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Badlaav’09 – Be the Change


Badlav 2009: Be the Change! is a week-long climate camp to be held in the nation’s capital, Delhi. We aim to have hundreds of young people come from across the country to:
Be trained on skills of organizing, running projects, lobbying, direct action, presentations, and facilitation.
Participate in eye opening discussions of equity, theories of change, water, energy, agriculture etc.
To enjoy concerts, cultural performances, film festivals, Green Jobs fair and many other opportunities to have fun and learn!

Visit www.iycn.in to register for Badlaav’09


July 18th to July 23rd


Being organised by Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) for you and hundreds of youth from across India.


Lodhi Institutional Area, Delhi


Have you ever looked at the dirty dying rivers, floods, breathed in the pollution, see people on the streets living with diseases and in poverty, and just wondered – how can we change this? Do we wish to witness incidences like Cyclone Aila in West Bangal more frequently? Are we ready to handle the increased number of climate refugees? Our basic requirement like food and shelter is at risk. Have you ever thought that our politicians are corrupt, our businesses are corrupt, our system is corrupt and that it is too hard to make a change? Have you ever thought why doesn’t anyone care about our country, our planet, our future?
Think again.

Visit www.iycn.in to register for Badlaav’09

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